What Is A Heel Tab?

What Is A Heel Tab?Often when we discuss the proper gear you should wear to safely and effectively get more exercise, certain considerations may have to get thrown out the window. Obviously, conducting a proper run in high heeled shoes is going to be not just ineffective, but potentially damaging to whoever tries it. That doesn’t mean that all the footwear and accessories for physical fitness have to lack a fashion factor.

For people that want to enjoy the benefit of a good pair of running shoes, but don’t want ungainly looking socks to break the look, there is an alternative. While no show socks are perfect for more casual activities, no show socks with a heel tab are the perfect answer to fashion and fitness without compromise.

Small But Crucial Protection

The chief problem with no show socks and strenuous exercise can come with the lower ankle area and how it interacts with a shoe, particularly the back of the shoe and the back of the ankle area. Because of the forces involved and the repetitive motion of running, the back of the ankle may be making constant contact with a running shoe, depending on the design of the shoe. Introduce sweat into this equation due to the exertion of running, and you have moist, exposed skin constantly rubbing against the fabric of the shoe.

Given enough time, this can prove to be extremely painful, tearing skin and causing blisters, and all this discomfort comes from a desire to not wear socks that look ugly.

With a no show sock that has a heel tab, there is an extra layer of fabric that rises to protect this area between the back of the ankle and the shoe. It may not seem like it would make such a big difference, but when moisture wicking fabric is covering a small area of skin that constantly rubs against the material of the shoe, it provides crucial protection against sweat and friction. And it means all the difference between a run that ends in inconvenient, distracting minor injuries, and a smooth exercise session where neither looking good nor working out were compromised. If you’re interested in retaining your style when you run, look into no show socks with heel tabs.

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