Socks To Keep The Sweat Away

Especially for those working outdoors in the hot summer months, sweat can be a bit of a problem. It will soak through your clothes, dampen your hair, and leave you feeling somewhat uncomfortable, but it can actually present a few dangers to your feet. Feet tucked into shoes or work boots all day while you’re up and about putting in a hard day’s work are subject to extra sweating, and if your body is experiencing an excess of sweat, you can only imagine what your feet may be going through. The right socks can help to keep the sweat away, however, and all it takes is a few sweat fighting components!

The body sweats so that it can cool itself down. When you jump into a pool during the summer, or spray yourself with cool water, you’ll find that you feel cooler as the air wicks this moisture away and lowers your body temperature. Your feet will attempt the same cool down method as the rest of your body, but the wrong shoes and socks don’t allow it to work quite as efficiently. Your feet will sweat, sweat, and continue to sweat as the temperature of the skin isn’t cooling down, since no air can use the moisture to cool their temperature, and this will lead to an excess moisture situation dangerous for the foot’s skin.

With proper ventilating socks, however, air can get through to your feet in order to cool them down appropriately, and the sweat on your feet will work as sweat is supposed to. When your feet sweat, the airflow allowed by the proper ventilation will help to wick away the moisture and leave cooler temperatures behind, allowing you to keep the sweat away just like it’s supposed to be!

With the Pro-Tect Advantage, we use TransDRY technology in order to maximize the moisture wicking potential, and this allows your feet to be kept cooler all throughout the day!

Vernon Lesser
Vernon Lesser


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