What Is A Diabetic Sock?

What Is A Diabetic Sock?For many people, a sock is just a couple of pieces of fabric you wear on your feet to help keep you warm and add a little extra protection when you wear shoes, and that’s about as far as it goes. For others, however, a sock can actually be an important part of maintaining health, and without the right kind of socks, discomfort can develop that can degenerate into full blown illness. For people that suffer with diabetes, this is a very real problem. It means that diabetics have some special needs, not just with diets, but even the kind of clothing that can be worn, and the right pair of socks is part of that equation.

So while some may find it hard to believe, it’s 100%, absolute true; special socks can make a noticeable difference in the quality of life for a diabetic.

How Can A Sock Be Special?

Diabetes is a condition in which a person experiences high blood sugar levels for sustained periods of time. Without the proper treatment and care, diabetes can eventually lead to many different complications like stroke, kidney failure, cardiovascular disease and even foot ulcers. Foot ulcers occur when the foot itself doesn’t maintain proper circulation or healing, and thus, the normal wear and tear, pressures, and friction that a normal foot recovers from on a daily basis doesn’t happen with a diabetic. Small imperfections in the foot that would eventually heal don’t, or infections that would normally be fought off set in without resistance, and eventually this leads to painful ulcers in the foot that require serious treatment.

Diabetic socks help to fight the risk of these problems in many ways.

The most obvious feature of diabetic socks are the non-binding, non-elasticized tops. This is important, as it puts no pressure or “squeeze” around the leg, and thus promotes much more normal and vigorous circulation in the foot. Unimpeded circulation is extremely important in maintaining good health for the feet when diabetes is an issue. The socks also feature special seamless toe enclosures to reduce any chances at blistering or other infection that a diabetic system would have more difficulty in fighting.

Diabetic socks can also come with special anti-bacterial properties. This is because the more common fungal infections that can prove to be an embarrassment or inconvenience to a normal user can present significant health challenges for a diabetic. Even the risk of infections or fungus through sweat can be addressed with the proper treatment of material in a diabetic sock.

Pro-Tect diabetic socks incorporate all of these special functional, protective features into our socks to ensure that diabetics enjoy maximum comfort and protection. We even include special extra technologies such as copper oxide elements in the material that help to fight bacteria, fungus and odor, and can even contribute valuable copper ions to the foot to promote the skin cell growth that diabetes can impede.

For all these reasons and more, diabetics should always make sure that they have proper, specialized socks to address their unique needs. Pro-Tect diabetic socks do just that.

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