Frequently Asked Questions

How is Copper Oxide yarn different than Silver?

Copper has been proven to be much more effective as an antimicrobial than silver and is also a naturally occurring mineral in the human body. Silver is not and there is potential for negative health effects.

Are the moisture wicking benefits permanent?

Yes, TransDry® cotton has the moisture wicking components built into the yarn and will never wash out.

Do the Merino Wool socks wick moisture?

Yes, merino wool is naturally moisture wicking; therefore providing the same dry feet as our TransDry® socks.

How are diabetic socks different than other socks?

The main difference is in the non-binding leg which allows for greater circulation. Pro-Tect® diabetic socks have the same antimicrobial and moisture wicking properties as all of our other socks which will prevent blisters and stop infections from spreading; two very important features for diabetic socks.

Are your socks made in the U.S?

Yes and all of the components of our socks are U.S. sourced; therefore, Pro-Tect® is Berry Amendment compliant and can be sold to the U.S. Federal Government and Military.

Why do you offer 2 pair for most of your socks when most of the competition offers one pair for about the same price?

We’re the manufacturer so we’ve eliminated a layer of markup and can give you more value for the money.

What if I want to order large quantities?

Please call or email us so we can discuss details.

Will the socks be shipped immediately?

If the socks are in stock we will ship them by the next business day. If they are temporarily out of stock we will call you to figure out a solution.

Can you ship outside the continental U.S. or to a PO box?

Yes, with our standard shipping it can be delivered to PO Boxes. Due to the high cost of shipping and associated fees we typically do not ship outside the continental U.S. Please contact us for special consideration to ship outside the U.S.

Are your socks constricting on large calves?

Most of our socks have compression built into the construction. We use a "Soft Stretch" Lycra in the tops of our socks to accommodate larger calves.

Can large quantities be ordered?

Yes, we work with retail chains that require large quantities of Pro-Tect® socks. Please contact us if you need more than 50 packs of socks.

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