Superb Comfort of "Soft Stretch" Combed Cotton, Non Binding Top Band combined withTransDry / Copper Defense technology. Wicks away sweat, Anti Odor, Potent Anti Fungal & Anti Bacterial prevents infection.


We all know the struggle of finding comfortable and good looking socks that at the same time them being technically engineered with your feet safety in mind. Finding good looking diabetic socks for men can be hard, right?

Diabetic socks designers always have in mind the main goal of wearing diabetic socks: to protect a diabetic’s foot from several different types of dangers. Humidity, bad circulation, and broken skin are perils that diabetics should fear.

Diabetic socks are designed to be both gentle and non-binding while wicking the sweat away, as well as being thick and protective. Type 2 diabetics over time can develop both loss of feel in the feet and lower legs due to bad circulation.

The loss of feel leaves a diabetic at risk for any type of skin break or injury to not be noticed, and the bad circulation leaves the diabetic healing slowly and poorly. This can lead to unhealed open wounds, and infection which can become systemic. Something as common and small as a blister can become a very large health issue.

The socks should be specifically designed to non-restrictive and un-binding in order to disallow bad circulation. Diabetic socks keep the feet dry and prevent any kind of microbial growth, including that of bacteria and fungi. The weave should be thick and protective in particular to insure that the feet are comfortable and protected. Shoes are not replaced by socks, but having the additional cushion to protect the feet from cuts and blisters is a great, hassle free precautionary measure.

Socks themselves are an important cloth article, and can be used to add style to any man.

You might be thinking if there has been created a pair of diabetic socks of such high quality, and exceptional engineering that is both convenient, safe and extra comfortable while being able to use it in any type of situation. Well, the good news is that Pro-Tect diabetic socks designers have all of these flaws in mind when creating the perfect pair of socks for you.

That is why we, at Pro-Tect, having your needs in mind have designed our diabetic socks for men to be comfortable, safe and overall have a good look which complements mostly any wardrobe. Whether you want to use them for doing sports, or for fine dressing, our diabetic socks for men fit any type of style and situation you might imagine.

These are a lot of promises, so here are some of the most important features that make our diabetic socks for men such a good accessory for you. What are they?

TransDRY treated cotton- Ensures extraordinary, soft comfort while being extra-absorbent wicking away humidity. TransDRY dries up to 50% faster than normal cotton. All of these features ensure that your feet will be dry and safe from humidity, while being EXTRA comfortable. If you use this exceptional quality fiber you will see for yourselves how good our diabetic socks are compared to regular socks. You know what happens with regular socks, after doing a little bit of extra physical activity they get all wet with sweat. With TransDRY treated cotton this will become just a bad dream.

Copper Oxide / Copper Defense- Potent anti fungal and anti bacterial properties. It aggressively reduces odor and helps mitigate foot festering while promoting skin rejuvination. Engineered with your safety in mind, we made sure our socks provide the greatest technological properties out there. Making them not only absolutely comfortable but diabetic friendly.

Comfort Construction- Pro-Tect Diabetic Socks are designed with your comfort in mind. The maximum stretch top band is non-binding and un-restrictive, without sagging, doesn’t restrict circulation your leg circulation. Non-irritating seams

Heel: Deep Pocket “Y-Heel”.

Toes: Full cushion ring toe, seamless feel, deep “Y-Toe” that eliminates bunching.

Pro-Tect Diabetic Socks are Made in USA- They have been manufactured in North Carolina since 1970. We are proud to announce that our company has been producing high quality, technical socks for three generations!

Apart from all these great benefits, we wanted to prove they are all real and work that’s why our Technological Properties have been tested by NASA. We are proud to have our products supported in this manner. For such a low price, you will get maximum comfort, safety and convenience. So why not try them out today?

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