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Over The Calf Compression Socks $ 17.98
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Low Cut Athletics Socks - 2 Pairs (Men)
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Low Cut Athletics Socks - 2 Pairs (Men) $ 14.98
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Athletes, we know you aren’t the average sock consumer, every day you get up and abuse your feet through grueling mile jogs and hours at the gym. That’s why we created this special line of athletic socks with copper defense technology, designed to reduce unpleasant odors by eliminating the microorganisms that cause them.

Introducing Protect Athletic Socks With Copper Defense Technology

Protect created this special line of athletic socks with the needs of the highly active person in mind. Athletes regularly have their feet confined in shoes for extended periods while they engage in activities that strain their entire bodies, and their feet most of all. While there are hundreds of shoes out there designed to protect your feet in this environment, Protect copper infused socks are designed to protect your feet from your shoes.

Our line of athletic socks fit the special requirements of the highly active foot to ensure they remain in top notch physical condition. They represent the height of sports fabric innovation, utilizing copper oxide technology to protect your feet in hiking shoes and jogging shoes alike. Whether you’re heavily into cross-fit, hiking steep mountain trails, or hitting the road for a morning jog, Protect athletic socks will be there to support you every step of the way.

We believe the athletic lifestyle doesn’t have to be without its share of fashion, and that’s why we provide them in a selection of different styles. All of them designed to wick away sweat to manage moisture, and made of a special combed cotton that dries twice as fast as regular cotton, perfect for the active foot.

Why Do Athletes Choose Protect Copper Infused Socks?

Athletes know that protecting their feet is a vital part of their active lifestyle, and that they’re constantly under threat of infection from microorganisms like tinea pedis (Athlete’s Foot), brevibacterium, and staphylococcus epidermidis, all of which can cause irritation, odor, and damage to your feet. Any damage or irritation to your feet can cause a break to your daily routine, which any athlete knows can be difficult to recover from and return to your normal regimen.

An athlete's life is more vigorous than sitting around watching TV all day, and that’s why you need the special copper defense technology available from Protect athletic socks. The antibacterial and antifungal properties of copper infused fabric do more than just eliminate bacteria and fungi, by doing so they help to reduce the odors that can be caused by the microorganisms that live and feed on sweat.

It doesn’t end with the copper! These socks are expertly designed to create an unmatched comfort experience, with compression care arch support cushioning your foot during every step of your workout. The seems were carefully designed to avoid the irritation that some regular socks can cause, while augmenting the ergonomic toe design and deep pocket Y-Heel design.

They also come in a host of different cuts to suit your workout style:

  • Extreme Fitness Crew - Your standard crew sock with our superior design, designed to rise nearly 7” up the calf.
  • Extreme Fitness Quarter - Perfect for the hiker looking for a sock that will fit inside their boot, but not an inch more.
  • Extreme Fitness Low - These Low Cut socks come just below your ankle to protect your whole foot while letting your calves breathe.
  • Tab Low Cut Socks - Contoured to protect your whole foot without touching your ankle, these socks come equipped with a special blister resistant tab.
  • Extreme Fitness Ultra No Show - If you prefer to show off the full length of your athletically toned legs, these socks are the right fit, designed to fit inside your shoe without showing a hint of sock. All the comfort, none of the show.

Every year people spend thousands of dollars on creams and powders to help combat the problems created by these microorganisms, but you don’t have to. With our specialty socks you’ll get all the benefits without messy creams staining your socks, or powders that get everywhere. Just slip on your special Protect athletic socks and hit get on with your active lifestyle! It’s as simple as that!

How Does Copper Oxide Technology Work?

The antibacterial and antifungal benefits of copper have been known for hundreds of years, leading cultures to use it in conditions where purity was important, like water storage. The natural properties of copper have an effect on the metal ions present in certain microorganisms. Known as the Oligodynamic effect it was discovered by modern science in 1893 and has been proven to be an effective way of eliminating bacteria and fungus on contact.

Copper infused technology was originally used to protect tents in military situations, but since then it has expanded to be used in everything from medical to sports applications. It’s this technology that fuels our line of copper socks, and protects your feet during even the most vigorous workout.

Benefits of Copper Oxide Technology For Athletic Socks

Copper infused fabric has unique properties to help combat the daily realities of the athletic life, especially when it comes to reducing or eliminating odor and irritation causing fungi and bacteria. These little invaders can cause swelling, flaking, and soreness in your feet, and can take you off your feet and out of your daily exercise regimen. Protect Athletic Socks will:

  • Protect your feet with the Bacteriostatic properties of copper.
  • Reduce foot odor by actively eliminating them at the source.
  • Reduce the risk of fungal infections like athlete’s foot.
  • Promote the growth of new skin cells.
  • Create comfort in knowing you’re protected by copper infused fabrics.
  • Save money by eliminating the need for costly foot powders and creams.

By taking care of these concerns with a simple pair of socks, you’re increasing the amount of time you can get out and be active. No more will you have to take breaks to help rest your feet or face the concerns of itchy, flaking feet when you get an infection from working out. Protect Athletic Socks will protect your feet every moment you’re wearing them.

The athletic life is a long and healthy life, and the gear you buy to support it had better be ready to go the distance. That’s why our spandex/cotton blend copper infused athletic socks come with a 100% guaranteed lifetime warranty.

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