Soft Merino Wool combined with Pro-Tect Copper Defense Technologyresulting in Outstanding Outdoor Hiking & Sports Socks and Cold Weather Socks

Merino Wool Copper Infused Socks

Sometimes just any sock won’t do, it’s got to be warm, comfortable, and prepared for the rigors of the life you lead. It needs to be perfect in both hot and cool weather, and maintain its strength and stability over a long period of time. That’s the benefit of our merino wool copper socks.

What makes Merino Wool so special? Unmatched Moisture Resistance: Merino Wool has a reputation for properly managing the transfer of moisture away from your body, ensuring that you stay cool and dry in hot weather, and warm and cool in winter. This is due, in part, to the ability of merino wool to absorb up to 35% of its weight in moisture and still remain feeling dry and comfortable. This aids in preventing the growth of bacteria and fungus, and reduces odor by reducing the amount of sweat left on your skin.

Excellent Regulation of Temperature: Wicking away the moisture does more than just prevent odor, it also helps to keep your feet cool. The fabric also is known for its micro-porous nature, the microscopic air pockets that are a hallmark of merino wool helps to insulate your feet, keeping them at a perfectly comfortable temperature.

Unmatched Durability and Comfort: The perfect socks are those that conform to your feet and retain their flexibility. Nothing is more annoying than a stretched out sock that bunches around your ankle, with our copper infused merino wool socks, you’ll never have to worry about that again. Merino Wool, by its very nature, is resilient and springy, tending to return to their nature shape after being stretched. The fineness of their fibers also plays a role in this, and adds an incredibly soft and comfortable texture when next to the skin.

Copper Infused, Easy to Clean: All of these benefits come together with copper oxide technology to create the perfect sock. Merino wool’s natural stain resistance comes together with the anti-bacterial/anti-fungal properties of copper to create the perfect sock. As the copper fights the odor causing bacteria, the Merino protects from staining, making them incredibly easy to wash and enjoy for years to come.

Our Merino Wool Copper Infused socks come in several different styles: Over The Calf Cold Weather:These incredibly comfortable socks cover the whole calf, giving you unmatched protection during cold weather activities. They come in white with a top band in five colors Black, Blue, Green, Red, and Orange.

Outdoor Hiker CREW Socks:These are your standard calf high length socks, perfect for everyday wear. They come in five bi-color combinations, Grey/Black, Black/Natural, Grey/Blue, Grey/Orange and Grey/Lime, as well as a simple grey.

Merino Wool Quarter Socks:These are perfect for jogging during the summer months, rising just above the ankle. They also come in Grey/Black, Black/Natural, Grey/Blue, Grey/Orange and Grey/Lime, as well as a simple grey.

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