When Should You Wear No Show Socks?

When Should You Wear No Show Socks?At Pro-Tect we offer a variety of different styles of sock to suit many different needs. All of them come with the same scientifically designed protection but the different socks are more suited to specific types of activity. One of the styles that we offer is famously referred to by its nickname, the “No Show” sock. It’s called this because the sock is cut so low that when you wear with shoes, it often doesn’t appear as if you’re not wearing any socks at all.

So when is the best time to wear this type of sock?

Fitness & Fashion

The No Show sock’s single defining feature is how small it is compared to other socks. It’s been designed to be virtually invisible when worn with shoes, even shoes that expose much of the foot. However, for athletics, no show socks may be exactly what you want to wear if you want to ensure that your ankles and calves are exposed, especially if you’re concerned about comfort and mobility.

However, the no show sock truly comes into its own when it comes to fashion and wearing certain shoes. Loafers are one of those shoes where no show socks work especially well, since much of the foot is exposed, and no show socks ensure the look isn’t spoiled. The same is true with boat shoes, which is another great form of footwear that looks good with shorts or other casual wear, and really benefits from a low profile sock that doesn’t draw attention to the ankles.

In other words, no show socks are for people that want the full benefit of a Pro-Tect sock, with all the moisture and anti-bacterial protection, but don’t want to compromise on fashion. The no show sock allows for both, giving you the freedom to enjoy your physical activities and still look good while doing it. For more strenuous physical activity, of very specific training purposes, you’ll obviously want to use our more specialized lines, but for the fashion conscious that still want fitness, the no show for both men and women is a definite winner.

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