Finding Socks To Meet Your Diabetic Needs

socks for your diabetic needsDiabetes is a chronic illness, and this illness is one that will affect various other parts of the body. Some complications associated with diabetes do affect the feet, and one of the most common is neuropathy or nerve damage. Due to their high blood sugar levels, those with diabetes are more at risk for nerve damage than the rest of the population, and this is one condition that commonly manifests itself in the feet. When nerve damage is allowed to grow more severe, this can lead to complete numbness, infections, and even amputation, which is why it’s important to find socks that can meet your diabetic needs

Infections and injuries occur in those with foot neuropathy easily, and this is because a person can’t always feel when something happens to their feet which would lead to serious injury or an infection down the road. The numbness prevents a person from feeling the pain or discomfort often associated with a small cut, an ingrown toenail, or another type of injury problem, so the best care isn’t always taken if the person isn’t aware they’re in need of it.

Diabetic neuropathy in the feet manifests itself in several different ways, and what one person may experience with diabetic neuropathy may not be experienced by another. Some symptoms to look out for when it comes to diabetic neuropathy in the feet are:

  • Foot ulcers
  • Foot deformities
  • Tingling or burning sensations
  • Muscle weakness
  • Sharp pains that peak during the night
  • Numbness in the toes or entire foot

Diabetic socks are designed to not only keep feet warm and dry, as with the average sock, but to minimize the potential for feet injuries as well. Because diabetic needs will vary greatly from person to person, diabetic socks will vary greatly as well. While some diabetic socks will be padded, others will be made without seams to avoid rubbing or blisters, and another type will specialize in moisture wicking as to minimize the risk of foot infections, but it’s always best to find the best type of socks to suit your particular diabetic needs.

With so many different types of diabetic socks out there, it’s not too difficult to find the perfect pair to address any foot concerns you may have. Using diabetic socks, a person with diabetic neuropathy can prolong the health of their feet as they remain comfortable managing their condition.

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