Cold Weather Socks Don’t Have To Make You Sweat

Whether you’re running, working, hiking, or simply walking outside during the cold weather months, you’re going to want to keep your feet warm. Particularly when the ground is snowy or wet, you can lose quite a bit of heat from your feet, and you’ll be tempted to double or triple up on your socks in order to keep warm. With standard socks, layering up is exactly what you don’t want to do, and you shouldn’t look at socks like a sweater you can layer and layer until your feet are warm enough for your adventure!

When you layer up your socks, you’re not allowing your feet to breathe, and all the sweat that accumulates will be held in the sock and absorbed into the material laying right against your feet all day. What this causes is the perfect environment for fungal growth and foot odor, and you may even find that blisters start popping up due to the constant rubbing against moist sensitive skin. Rather than taking advantage of layers, you should be taking advantage of exclusive cold weather sock benefits, like those we have as part of our Pro-Tect sock Advantage.

Rather than doubling or tripling up on the cotton, our cold weather socks are made from Merino Wool, a material that offers ample comfortable warmth with only one layer required. The beauty of Merino Wool in socks is also in its ability to wick away moisture naturally, as wool is meant to do when it grows on a sheep. The benefits of these Merino Wool socks are built right in to the wool itself, so you never need to worry about it washing out as time goes on. You can wash and re-wear your cold weather socks all season long without having to worry about their losing what you love about them. 

When the weather turns cold, it’s important to keep your feet protected from the elements, but don’t let them become their own worst enemy. With Merino Wool socks, they can be kept warm, dry, and comfortable, as you’re naturally combating moisture, fungal growth, and blisters caused by excess sweat.

Vernon Lesser
Vernon Lesser


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