Athlete's Foot - How To Prevent It

Athlete’s foot is a common condition, and one that you may be used to if you work all day on your feet, have an active lifestyle, or simply don’t couple the right socks with the right shoes when it comes to allowing ventilation and breathability. If you’ve never suffered from a bout of athlete’s foot, you can consider yourself lucky, as this is a condition that affects millions of Americans at some point throughout their lives.

Athlete’s foot can be extremely uncomfortable, and this is due to the way the fungus is prone to eat away at the skin. The fungal infection caused by athlete’s foot is one that will cause the skin to become damaged rather quickly, and it can also be difficult to stop the infection from spreading. If you have athlete’s foot, there are many different over the counter anti-fungal medications that can eradicate the infection, but some signs and symptoms of the condition to look for are:

• Unusual dryness – In the beginning, athlete’s foot will start out looking like a simple patch of dry skin, and it may be something you pay little to no mind to. If the dry patch is itching or burning at any point during your day, it could be athlete’s foot you’re facing.

• Redness and peeling – Redness and peeling are signs that athlete’s foot is beginning to progress, and what was once simply a dry patch of skin will now begin to look like skin struggling with combating a problem.

• Blistering or oozing – If athlete’s foot is allowed to progress at this stage, which is rare due to the alarming discomfort of the first two stages, it will begin to manifest itself with inflammation, blistering, and oozing on the feet. It can also begin to spread to other parts of the feet and become overwhelming and painful.

Athlete’s foot is a condition that no one looks forward to facing, and there is a way that it can be kept at bay. Athlete’s foot thrives in dark, warm, and moist conditions, which just so happen to be the conditions that many socks promote, so your first place to turn when looking to keep athlete’s foot away is at your socks.

The perfect pair of socks to combat athlete’s foot should be moisture wicking, and have anti-fungal properties to add in the fight against the fungal infection, which is just what we offer at Pro-Tect. With built in athlete’s foot fighting properties, your socks remain protective throughout their entire lifespan, so you finally have the weapon you need to fight the fungus!

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