Say No To Smelly Feet

After a long days work, it's nice to be able to throw off your shoes and put your feet up. However, if your suffering from foot odor, you may not be too eager to. Many of us believe that foot odor can't be helped, but it is actually more manageable than you think. Don't let smelly feet get in your way any longer with the Pro-tect advantage! 


Our socks are designed to keep foot odor at bay while still being durable enough for every day use. So how does our socks keep the smell at bay? With the wonders of merino wool and TransDRY technology of course!


TransDRY Technology!


The key cause of smelly feet are sweaty feet. With TransDRY technology, sweat and smell will be a thing of the past. We blend TransDRY into your average cotton yarn so that its effects can be built into every strand. This technology has wonderful moisture wicking properties that prevents sweat from being absorbed into the sock. This keeps your feet feeling dry and fresh all day. At the same time, the cotton used allows our socks to retain softness even after multiple washings.


Merino Wool!


Heat is one of the biggest reasons we find ourselves sweating. The summer heat just isn't kind to feet. Merino wool allows your feet to breath even when their trapped in shoes all day. Merino wool comes from a special breed of sheep that is often prized for their high quality wool. This wool improves your foot's ability to regulate their temperature and allows your feet to 'breath' easy. Merino wool also has moisture wicking properties that work a lot like the TransDRY does. So not only will you sweat less, but your socks won't retain any sweat or odor.


Here at Pro-tect, we are proud to give you a sock that can stand up to sweat and odor. All our socks have built in merino wool and TransDRY technology that retains its ability even after a multiple washings. Not to mention wonderful antibacterial properties that keep your feet feeling healthy and fresh. Don't let foot odor keep you down any longer!

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