Tips On How To Avoid Foot Blisters

There is nothing like a good jog to get the blood pumping! However, if you find yourself with a blister, you won't be too eager to throw on a pair of shoes. If your lucky enough to have never had a blister, it's a bubble like pocket of fluid that can appear on top of your skin. Blisters can form for a number of different reasons and are very uncomfortable to have. Some can even lead to serious health issues if not taken care of. However, with the right shoes and socks, you can make blisters a thing of the past!


The Right Shoes


If your wearing the wrong kind of shoes, it can cause all sorts of problems including blisters. This is especially important when your on your feet all day or are a physically active person. You need your shoes to suit your needs. High heels and flip flops are especially problematic to your feet. 


It's also important that your shoes fit properly! A shoe that is evenly slightly too small could cause a lot of friction between your skin and the shoe itself. When purchasing shoes, make sure they don't fit too tightly. However, you should also make sure the shoe doesn't slide back and forth too much when you wear them. 


It is also crucial to note that if your breaking in a new pair of shoes, make sure to only do so within short periods of time. Even shoes that are a comfortable fit will cause blisters during the first few wears if your not careful. 


The Right Socks


Wearing the right pair of socks can make the biggest difference between having a healthy foot and having a blister covered one. First of all, avoid ever wearing your shoes without them. Unless your only  doing so for a few minutes, your almost guaranteed to have a blister without socks to protect you from the friction and moisture build up.


Thin socks can cause a similar problem since they provide only a small layer of protection and are often not moisture resistant. Thin socks allow tends to make shoes fit more loosely and move around too much on your feet. Thick heavy duty socks allow a lot of friction resistance, but usually absorbs sweat and moisture which can cause bacteria growth. Certainly not something you want to find on your feet. 


Not just any sock can help you with your blister avoiding needs. Pro-tect socks offers several ways to keep your feet blister free. Many of our socks are made to avoid as much friction as possible. They also have wonderful moisture wicking abilities to keep your feet feeling dry and fresh for longer. 


Even if your already stuck with blisters, our socks have an answer for that too! Thanks to the antibacterial qualities of our socks, cuts and blisters will be safe from infection. Don't hesitate to get yourself some blister resistant socks today!