Diabetes And Your Socks

Diabetes is a serious health issue – one that impacts a tremendous number of people throughout the country. But while managing things like your blood sugar levels are obviously important to those with this condition, other aspects of their health aren’t always given as much attention. A perfect example? Your feet and the health of them.

Due to the various complications that can come from diabetes – in particular things like circulation issues – the lower extremities often suffer from serious health issues. Diabetes causes blood vessels to narrow, which in turn leads to problems including:

  • Calluses
  • Reduced blood flow Increased risk of infections
  • Trouble fighting off infections that occur
  • Foot ulcers and blisters
  • And more

A single foot wound can quickly become infected in those with diabetes, leading to significant health risks. Amputations are incredibly common among diabetic patients, and as such controlling diabetes and the impact it has on your feet is important.

So what steps can you take aside from just managing sugar levels? One step worth considering is to use diabetic socks that help manage foot-related diabetic issues. These socks can help in a few ways:

  • Copper oxide socks include antibacterial properties. This could help reduce the chance of infection and ensure that your feet avoid serious issues that can come from it.
  • The best copper compression socks will also help keep circulation higher within your body by maintaining better levels of blood flow. This means that you’ll get improved circulation which in turn prevents a number of diabetes related issues.
  • Copper diabetic socks will wick away moisture as well. Moisture from the environment or from sweat can lead to increased chances of developing wounds or infections, and preventing this is important.
  • Overall, you get better comfort and protection from blisters when wearing diabetic socks.

While managing your blood sugar levels and wearing comfortable, safe shoes are important as well, today’s socks are instrumental in helping those with diabetes manage their health issues and improve their overall wellbeing. As such, investing in diabetic socks is something every diabetic should take time to do.

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