Fighting Smelly Feet Starts With Your Footwear

Fighting Smelly Feet Starts With Your FootwearIf you’re one of the millions of people who suffer from smelly feet, you already know that it can be an embarrassing and unpleasant problem. After all, you’ll be dealing with the odor and so will those around you. In some cases, people don’t even want to remove their shoes around others – it’s just that bad.

But there are plenty of ways to combat smelly feet. While sprays and powders are usually the go-to for most people, you might not realize that the right socks can help you dramatically as well. In fact, fighting this issue begins with the best socks for smelly feet. Here’s how the socks work to combat odors.

  • Wicking – It starts with the wicking process. Smelly feet are commonly caused by moisture forming around the feet, letting bacterial growth occur. That bacteria growth is where the foul odors come from. When you wear moisture wicking socks, the fabric pulls the moisture away from the feet and keeps your feet drier, helping improve odors in the process.
  • Antimicrobial Action – Modern socks also feature things like copper oxide weaves, that could help reduce the growth of bacteria on feet and promote more pleasant smells in the process. These weaves help combat bacteria growth, and combined with moisture wicking properties it’s easier to reduce smells.
  • Comfort – Another consideration is simple comfort. The more comfortable a sock, the better overall foot health can be. Poor foot health can lead to blisters and sores, which in turn could contribute to odors. By keeping your feet comfortable, you avoid this problem.

Smelly feet are an issue that nobody wants to deal with, but there are solutions. While you can always look for odor-fighting sprays or powders, don’t ignore what good no odor socks can do as well. They’re the foundation for better smelling feet, and should be where you begin the fight against foot odor.

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