How To Prevent And Overcome Blisters

Your feet face a lot of challenges throughout the day, and the more active you are the more serious the tests you’ll put them through will become. For many, blisters are a very real concern. Whether you’re in the office or on the track, preventing and managing existing foot blisters is important.

Luckily, a few simple steps can help you reduce the frequency of this issue and the severity of blisters that occur as well. Here are some of the things to remember.

  • Be sure your shoes fit you properly. One of the primary causes of blisters is poor-fitting shoes. If they’re too lose or too tight, they’ll often rub against your skin in a repetitive motion throughout the day. Proper fit is important.
  • Socks matter perhaps even more than your shoes. Copper socks can prevent the development of blisters, by improve the fit of your shoes. Copper socks can directly reduce your chances of developing this issue and prevent blister.
  • Many don’t realize that some blisters are often triggered by bacteria – especially if the bacteria is leading to constant scratching of the foot. Antimicrobial socks can help reduce the chances that you develop blisters. And if blisters develop, they can help reduce the chance of infection occurring within the blisters themselves.
  • Another thing to remember is simply to listen to your body. If it feels like you’re having problems with your shoes, socks, or feet, that means it’s time to take action. Identify the issue before it becomes too much to manage. It’s worth addressing as early as possible.

Paying attention to your feet is important, and the right antimicrobial socks can have a big impact on helping you avoid the development of blisters. Simply put, the right socks are an investment that is worth making.