Try Toe Warmers This Winter

Try Toe Warmers This WinterWhen it comes to winter activity, a good pair of warm socks is the unsung hero of a comfortable, healthy winter experience. Something like our Pro-Tect Merino wool socks for example, provide an extremely high level of comfort and warmth for your feet, which is critical because the feet—just like the hands and head—are vulnerable parts of the body where much of our body heat can be lost.

For many people, the use of good merino wool cold weather socks may be sufficient protection for feet. However, for some, even with premium socks and very good boots, heat loss in the feet can still be a big problem. This is especially true for people that may be out in the cold for longer periods of time, such as for work purposes.

If you find yourself in a situation like this, an additional aid, in conjunction with good cold weather socks, might the use of toe warmers in your shoe. These products, when attached to your sock, provide additional warmth that you can feel directly on or under your toes. However, they are powered by a chemical reaction, not batteries or electricity, meaning that they eventually run out of “fuel” and burn out.

Good toe warmers will last up to six hours, which should plenty of time for anyone that is extended work outdoors, or even just enjoying winter activities like an all-day ski trip. For general, short winter activities, these may not be necessary, but for work or play in more extended, much colder temperatures, you may appreciate the extra dash of heat that these provide to your shoes.

Of course, one other issue you may have to face, depending on your own personal reaction is sweating feet if your exert yourself a lot, or the toe warmers prove too effective. However with Merino wool socks, the natural moisture wicking properties of this material will help a lot in this regard.

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