Your Socks Are Your First Line Of Defense

Your Socks Are Your First Line Of DefenseOne of the things that many people forget when it comes to the 20th century and the history of warfare was the way many of the soldiers found out—the hard way—some of the basic health lessons we take for granted in the 21st century. For example, many people wouldn’t think about it twice now, but the brave soldiers of both WWI and WWII placed an enormous amount of value on the humble sock.

To many people that only live a typical urban lifestyle, this may seem to be an odd thing to place so much importance on. But to a soldier in the field, a warm, dry sock was almost more important than a weapon in good working order. After all, you needed to be in good health in order to even fire a weapon, and you could only get that with good socks protecting your feet.

Vulnerable Feet

Soldiers found out very quickly that combat involving mud, water, snow and other harsh environmental conditions usually affected the feet first. This could result in anything from blisters to fungal infections to more serious diseases that could even result in amputation. Keeping feet warm and dry were critical keys in defending against this.

Today, we have anti-microbial socks that do far more than the wool socks the soldiers of yesteryear pined for so much. When combined with moisture wicking properties, copper socks, for example, use copper ions distributed throughout the fabric to provide more resistance against microbes and other infectious organisms, while the moisture wicking properties ensure that the feet stay dry by carrying away water and allowing to safely evaporate away from the feet, which can be very vulnerable.

People don’t often think about what’s covering their feet under their shoes, but a good sock can make an invisible but important difference to the overall health of your feet. Pro-Tect socks are some of the best at providing this added protection.

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