How Do Odorless Socks Work?

How Do Odorless Socks Work?For decades, there was one thing that was unavoidable in any kind of hard work or athletic activity; eventually your feet and shoes were going to smell bad as a result of your exertions. There didn’t seem to be any way to prevent this and people thought they would simply have to live with it.

Today however, there are many ways to fight this. Powders and extra insoles can be inserted into shoes to help deal with odor, but there are socks that can do the exact same job, such as our Pro-Tect lines of socks. But how do they do this? To understand that, you have to understand how foot odor occurs in the first place.

The Cause

Feet sweat all the time. This is because feet have more sweat glands than any other part of the body, and because of this, even when you’re not working out, they are constantly secreting minute amounts of sweat onto your skin. This is why even just wearing the same pair of shoes for walking on a regular basis can eventually result in both smelly feet and shoes. If the shoes don’t get time to dry out, the sweat builds up within the shoe itself, and this is merely reinforced every time you put those shoes on and keep walking. Of course, if you run or compete in sports then the sweating increases, and this effect intensifies. This can be made even worse should a fungus infect the foot.

Socks Control Moisture

The way an odorless sock like our Pro-Tect lines work is through a process known as moisture wicking. Our specially treated Pro-Tect moisture wicking socks literally absorb the moisture from your feet, then “push it” to the surface of the material where the air can naturally evaporate it. This is reinforced with copper oxide in the socks to help fight bacteria and fungi.

Combined, these two design elements make a huge difference in fighting odor in your feet and allowing you to walk, run or compete without any worries.

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