Can Socks Help Your Arches?

Can Socks Help Your Arches?Everybody experiences a little muscle soreness from time to time, either because they relied on muscles not used to intense activity—such as weightlifting for the first time—or were simply active for too long. But some people get a specific chronic pain in their feet that can come from simply walking. If you have a persistent pain throughout your feet and lower legs that occurs after walking, it may be due to a condition called weak or fallen arches. Arch support socks can help.

What Are Fallen Arches?

In normal feet, the bottom of the foot is arched upwards slightly. This is why if you run in the sand, the footprints you leave have a large space between the heel and the ball of the foot, where arch rises up. With weak or fallen arches, this isn’t case, and a footprint left in the sand would leave a large, complete, flat print. This arch in the foot is essential for proper balance and muscle use. With fallen arches, this means that weight is not being properly distributed throughout your foot and leg. It can result in swollen feet, pain in the heel and arch area, and even pain in your legs and back.

How To Fix It

Arch support is necessary in order to fight this disorder. This can mean orthopedic supports placed in shoes, necessitating the wearing of shoes as much as possible during the day. But there are also arch support socks with extra support that can help lift your arches and reinforce the ideal shape of your foot. For some, this kind of support may only be temporary and wearing such shoes and socks for certain period of time will naturally restore the arch. For others, this may be a new adjustment they will have to make to their lives in order to ensure the healthy continued functioning of their feet and legs without surgery.

Whatever the case may be, arch support socks play a very helpful role in allowing people to enjoy proper support and reinforcement in their feet, so they can jog, run, or simply walk without quickly succumbing to discomfort and pain.

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