A Breakdown Of TransDRY Technology

TransDRY technology is a form of moisture management that turns cotton socks into a super moisture wicking and perspiration managing treat for your feet. Using this type of technology, you can reap the comfort benefits of pure cotton, but without the “too much warmth” factor that cotton often presents. Cotton isn’t typically the most breathable of fabrics, which is why it’s rarely found in athletic wear or workout clothing, but this can all be changed with the addition of TransDRY. Learning how TransDRY works to make your socks more effective at keeping perspiration at bay is actually quite simple, and the secret to its function is all in the cotton yarn used. 


To separate TransDRY treated cotton yarn from your typical cotton yarn, the TransDRY cotton is treated to be moisture repellant during its spinning process. What this means is that the TransDRY effects are built into each and every strand of the yarn, so it’s always equally distributed and lastingly effective. By blending the TransDRY with basic cotton, you’re also never sacrificing softness or comfort, so you get the true feel of pure cotton socks without the moisture harboring properties that cotton typically yields. 

When compared to purely synthetic fabrics, the softness of TransDRY treated cotton socks really stands out. No longer does a person need to sacrifice pure softness for the ability to prevent blisters, athlete’s foot, or excess moisture, as this allows the socks to really show off the best of both worlds. With a combined softness and moisture wicking potential, you can remain comfortable during your workday, workout, or favorite leisurely physical activity, no matter how long you’ll be on your feet or how warm it may be while you’re going about your day. 

A Breakdown Of TransDRY Technology


For those who are looking to prevent blistering or athlete’s foot, TransDRY is certainly worthy of consideration. What these two common foot problems have in common is their relationship with moisture, and the key factor a person should always remember when trying to avoid either condition is keeping excess perspiration out of their socks and away from their feet. With TransDRY, the moisture just wicks away as the socks allow your skin to breathe, and this can give you a big leg up on beating your blister or athlete’s foot problems once and for all. 

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