How Do You Get Athlete’s Foot?

If you’ve never had athlete’s foot, you can consider yourself lucky! Athlete’s foot is a fungal infection of the feet that affects millions of people each year, and it always seems to pop up when you least expect it. The fungal infection of athlete’s foot is one that will eat away at the layers of skin on your feet, leaving behind a burning, itching, and peeling surface of skin damaged by the toll the fungus takes. There are several ways a person may get athlete’s foot, but we want to focus on the top two.

The first way is through contact, and athlete’s foot is a type of condition that can spread from person to person. It has been found that some people are more susceptible to the condition than others, but really just about anyone is at risk when it comes to contracting it. Athlete’s foot has nothing to do with a person’s personal hygiene or cleanliness, and even the most hygienic person in the world can still contract the condition due to contact. If you are walking around a pool area, gym room, or just about anywhere bare foot, you are running the risk of coming into contact with athlete’s foot fungus.

The second way is through your sock and shoe choices, as poor ventilation and moisture create the perfect environment for athlete’s foot fungus to thrive. Many don’t realize the impact their footwear choices have on their feet, and coming down with a case of athlete’s foot is big way to realize just how important this is. Footwear that doesn’t allow airflow, paired with socks that retain and absorb moisture, creates just the warm, damp, and dark environment fungus loves, and these conditions will cause the fungus to worsen or spread as it’s allowed to continue.

If you want to keep athlete’s foot at bay, you’ll need to pay close attention to these two methods of finding yourself with the infection. By wearing shoes or other protective footwear while out and about, and making sure your socks are those which can keep moisture at a minimum, you’re doing your best to keep athlete’s foot from damaging and ravaging your feet. Our Pro-Tect advantage uses two methods, copper oxide and TransDRY technology, to keep your feet dry and protected, so that athlete’s foot isn’t something you’ll need to worry yourself with again!

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