The Connection Between Sweat And Blisters

Blisters are painful, and in some instances, they can also be dangerous as well. A blister is caused by excess rubbing, and the weaker your skin becomes, the more likely you are to suffer from a blister on your feet. When a blister opens, it can remain tender and painful for up to a week, and the open portion of skin will easily trap in dirt and leave you susceptible to infection. When it comes to your socks, sweat and blisters have a direct connection, and fighting against blisters may be as easy as fighting against sweat.

When you sweat, your skin will become soft and tender. Much like when you’re finished swimming in a pool or washing a load of dishes, water can soften the skin pretty quickly and provide you with that tell-tale “pruny” texture. When this happens to your feet, you may not be ready to end your workday or your activity yet, and you’ll have to continue to be on your feet where your shoes will continue to rub throughout your day. This moisture and softness, combined with rubbing, will cause blisters to form, leaving you in a situation where you’ll be caring for blisters and keeping infection away until they heal on their own.

So, how can you use socks to protect you against blisters? Socks with moisture wicking properties will allow your feet to remain dry all throughout the day, and this can allow your feet to be able to hold up to the activity you put them through during work, during a hike, or during a particularly great run. As moisture is wicked away, your skin isn’t softened in a bad or vulnerable way, and your feet will be able to withstand the rubbing in your shoes with your movement while still staying healthy and comfortable.

In order to combat blisters, you’ll want to combat the sweat, and this is particularly important for those with diabetes or other conditions that make infection particularly dangerous. With the right socks, and the right moisture wicking ability, your feet will be able to stand up to whatever you put them through, as you feel confident about the state of your feet all throughout your day. Blisters are uncomfortable, but they don’t have to be an inevitability, and you can keep them at bay by taking away the moisture they thrive on.

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