Layering Up Is Not The Answer To Keeping Warm in the Winter

During the winter, we tend to layer up in order to stay warm. A couple of shirts, maybe doubling on the pants, and putting a coat overtop of it all seems to be the answer to keeping the cold winter winds at bay. When it comes to your feet, however, layering up can do a huge disservice to your feet’s overall health, and this is something that should be avoided whenever possible. Hiking in the winter and enjoying the snowy sights can be a breathtaking experience, but you’re going to need healthy feet if you want them to take you there!

When you layer up on your socks, you’re only creating a better environment for moisture to absorb and fungal infections to thrive, as you’re also place more material in your shoes to allow for rubbing to occur. As your feet sit in the layers all day, and you work them going on hikes or spending a long day at work, you’re actually creating an environment for several different foot related problems to occur. The moisture will cause odor, the damp dark environment will promote fungal growth, and the rubbing of the soft skin will create the prime situation for blisters; so, how can you keep the cold out, while keeping the health in?

What you need to do when trying to keep your feet warm is find a sock that allows for only 1 option, a sock that doesn’t cause the need to layer up, and a sock that can keep your feet equal parts warm and dry. One sock material option is Merino Wool, and this is a fabric that not only provides ample warmth, but is a natural deterrent of moisture. When the wool grows on the sheep, it is built to keep the sheep dry and cool under all of the layers, and this is the same thing it will do for your feet when you wear socks made from it. When the sheep is sheared during the summer months, the wool will have to go somewhere, and there is no better place for it to go than on your feet!

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