No Show Socks With Ample Protection

While you’re running or working out in the gym, you want your feet to be amply protected, but you may not want to show off your socks as a fashion statement either. A common misconception is that low or no show socks don’t allow for as much protection as their higher or more visible counterparts, but we at Pro-Tect are here to prove this misconception incorrect. With the right sock and shoe footwear pairing combination, your feet can be just as protected as they would be if wearing a crew, but you won’t have to worry about showing much or any sock at all.

Your protection from no show socks will also depend on the footwear you choose, as opting for higher hiking sneakers with no show socks may prove uncomfortable. With the higher shoes, the upper portion of the shoe will be rubbing against your leg unprotected, and this can lead to blistering or other discomforts rather quickly.

If low rising athletic shoes are your workout footwear of choice, no show socks will be all you need to remain cool, dry, healthy, and comfortable, and you won’t have to show off your socks in the process. Runners who require running shoes with a little extra support in the back of the ankle can benefit from no show socks as well, and their ankles can remain perfectly protected with a specially designed tab of sock fabric strategically located to meet running shoe needs!

The protection you receive from a sock doesn’t depend on the size or amount of fabric used, but that it’s the right fabric and the right size for whatever your use may be. A sock made with the Pro-Tect Advantage for a boot will protect just as well as a no show sock made for athletic wear, as the same advantages are woven inside.

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