Staying Warm And Staying Dry This Winter

While the summer days may be hot now, they’re quickly winding down into the fall. Pretty soon, the mornings will be growing cooler, the nights crisper, and the days shorter, which means it’s time to consider staying warm and staying dry this winter. Moisture wicking socks are just as important in the winter months as they are the summer months, and you’re just as likely to get blisters, athlete’s foot infections, and foot odor when the weather is cool as you are when the weather is warm. 


Don’t Layer Up


A common misconception is that it’s time to layer up on socks during the winter, but this is something that is actually best avoided. While you may feel that you have greater warmth, and surely you do, you’re also putting yourself at risk for a vast array of different foot problems. When you double or triple up on typical cotton socks, you’re creating a situation where moisture is allowed to stick around and saturate multiple layers of fabric, and the rubbing of these moist layers can also lead to blistering and an athlete’s foot infection. 


Rather than layering up during these cool months, your best bet is to opt for a single pair of socks that are able to keep you both warm and dry, and one such fabric that does a great job of this is Merino Wool


Merino Wool And The Pro-Tect Advantage 


Merino wool is used to keep sheep warm and dry during the cool months, and it can do the same job when it’s worn on your feet in the form of socks. Also, the fabric has a natural moisture wicking ability to keep your feet dry, so you don’t have to worry about becoming susceptible to any foot condition caused by excess foot moisture. 


With Merino Wool, you won’t have to worry about layering up on your socks, and the damage that can do, as one simple layer will be enough to keep you warm and comfortable all throughout the season!

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