What's The Deal With Moisture Wicking

Whether work requires you to stand all day or your very active physically, you know how important it is to have the right shoes and socks for the job. You deserve the very best in sock wear and here at Pro-tect we offer you just that. One of the key reasons our socks are so great is their moisture wicking ability. 


What Is Moisture Wicking?


Moisture wicking is a quality found in certain kinds of fabric used to keep away sweat and moisture. This is often used in workout and sporty clothing including our Pro-tect socks. However, moisture wicking isn't only for athletes. No matter how active you are, moisture wicking can still benefit your various needs and keep you healthy.


Why Is Moisture Wicking Important?


It can feel amazing to work up a good sweat every once in awhile. The sweat part however, not so amazing. Perspiration often makes you feel gross and can even be a bit embarrassing. Moisture wicking can keep you safe from embarrassment by preventing sweat from being absorbed into your clothes and your skin.


However, moisture wicking can also keep you health too! Moisture from sweat can cause bacteria and fungus to grow. This can lead to a variety of minor and major health complications including blisters and athlete's foot. It some cases, it can even lead to very serious conditions especially for someone with diabetes and auto-immune disorders.

Another risk comes from slowing down after a workout. When the sweat cools or even freezes on the skin, it can cause you to become cold very quickly. In below-freezing temperatures, you could easily become seriously ill. Moisture wicking doesn't allow sweat to be absorbed and thus prevents you from getting sick.


Here at Pro-tect, we our proud to offer you a variety of moisture wicking socks to keep sweat at bay! Keep your feet young and fresh with a pair of our socks today.

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