Socks Can Help With Heel Pain

Socks Can Help With Heel PainIt’s not something that many people realize, but when you experience pain your feet, there can be many different causes for it other than simply walking around too much for the day. Plantar Fasciitis, for example, is a condition that can affect some people in their heels, causing a lot of pain and discomfort. But fortunately, there may be help for this kind condition.

What It Is

Plantar Fasciitis is a condition where the long ligament of muscle that stretches from your heel bone to your toe bones may experience weakness, swelling and, ultimately, irritation. When this happens, the heel or the bottom of your foot experiences pain. It’s usually caused by repeated strain on this ligament, which eventually leads to small tears that lead to swelling and discomfort. “Flat feet,” obesity causing undue weight stress, or even shoes that are a bad fit and regularly warn can all be causes of this.

When it happens, you need to seek some kind of treatment from a doctor, and one of the ways to help relieve the conditions are with socks for plantar fasciitis. These are special compression socks that add more pressure where needed for better circulation. That same pressure also helps to hold the ligaments of the leg and foot in place more snugly, which, when combined with orthotic inserts, can be a potent combination.

However, outside the shoe, these socks also provide much relief and support. The durable nature of these premium socks means they can be worn all day and night in comfort. This is actually a recommended habit to form, as sleeping with the socks adds more support to your feet without having to wear orthotic inserts, and, in some cases, may even mean that a person doesn’t have to wear night splints at bedtime, if the socks are providing enough support.

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