Socks Matter Even When You Don’t Walk

Socks Matter Even When You Don’t WalkFor most people, the time to start thinking about getting serious about socks is when you get serious about athletics. After all, extra physical exertion is usually what requires extra precautions. You don’t get a blister by sitting down at a desk, so why would you need better clothing to protect against it then?

But this idea that specialist socks are only good for athletes is not correct. Diabetic socks, for example, play an important role in helping diabetes sufferers maintain good foot health and thus avoid worst case scenarios like foot ulcers that require amputation. And even for “desk jockeys,” such as business people that spend a lot of time in offices or, worse yet, on planes, the right sock can actually play a big role not just in comfort, but overall foot health.

Immobility Also Hurts

The conventional thinking is that because of all the strenuous activity of athletics, these added exertions put your feet at greater risk of injury. But the opposite is also true. Many of us have heard the phrase “Move it or lose it,” usually as an urging to be more active.

However, when you’re on a plane, for a business trip to the other side of the world, and it’s a 16 hour flight. Stepping outside for a brisk jog, or even just getting on the floor for some quick exercises is impossible. Sustained periods of inactivity, such as being confined to a plane in your seat, or “crunch time” at an office with a big deadline coming up and people trapped at their desks can also be very physically demanding, but not in the way that exercise is.

Being forced to maintain the same position for hours at a time can be a strain on both muscles and circulation. The human body was designed to operate in an active state throughout the day, with a variety of different activities. Confinement to the seat of a plane, with high altitudes and decreased activity and circulation, can have a very real effect on the feet and their health.

This is why Pro-Tect socks like our copper compression socks or socks for diabetics have been specially designed to help with circulation issues. By taking off pressure, or adding some where it is needed, our socks can help circulation within the feet and throughout the legs, even when people are confined to a chair for several hours.

This creates a much healthier situation for feet, even if it’s difficult to implement any healthy physical activity. Circulation is an important part of foot care, and, as surprising as it may seem, people at rest for long periods of time also need to be careful.

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