Why Do I Want Copper Oxide In Your Socks?

Copper is something you may want in your home’s pipes, in decorations, or in tools, but why would you want it in your socks? Copper oxide isn’t quite straight copper, and it provides quite a few benefits when it is spun into fabrics and kept against the skin. More and more, science is learning the benefits of copper to the human body, and this is even a metal that we all have in our bodies every single day. When you look on a bottle of multi-vitamins, you’re probably likely to find a little bit of copper, and this is because this is a metal that can do the body quite a bit of good. 

Copper oxide is becoming well known for its antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, and when in fabric, it can help to keep microbes at bay. For socks, which are tucked into shoes all day and subject to quite a bit of sweat, copper can be your new best friend at keeping your feet healthy, soft, and clean.

Due to its antimicrobial properties, copper oxide in socks helps to keep athlete’s foot fungus growth at bay, as the material naturally suppresses the fungal growth needed to cause an infection. If you’re a frequent sufferer or particularly prone to athlete’s foot, copper oxide in your socks can provide you with just the protection you need to minimize or eliminate the infections you encounter.

If foot odor is something of a concern for you, copper oxide in your socks can also curb this embarrassing problem while simultaneously providing your shoes with a longer life. When you just can’t quite get the smell out of your shoes, you’re probably ready to toss them away in favor of a new pair, but the odor fighting properties of copper oxide can help you to keep your favorite shoes longer. The same way that the antimicrobial properties help to combat athlete’s foot, they also combat foot odor causing bacteria, therefore finally providing you with the relief you need to feel confident each time you remove your shoes!

When copper oxide is woven into the fabric of socks, it also has the benefit of never washing out. Rather than treated socks which come along with a lifespan of only a handful of washes, copper oxide woven in to the fabric of socks can allow you to reap the benefits for the entire life of your pair!

With antimicrobial, antifungal, and anti-odor properties, it becomes pretty apparent why copper oxide makes such a wonderful addition to your socks. If you plan to work hard, your feet will be working even harder, and a bit of copper oxide can give them just the protection they need to give you the results you want!

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