What Do I Want Out Of Running Socks?

When you run, your focus should be placed on your foot movement, your breathing, your legs, your heart rate, and your goal…not your socks or the comfort of your feet. The socks you choose to run in are just as important as your running shoes, and a pair of running shoes you may have written off as uncomfortable, blister inducing, and not breathable could actually be perfectly fine, while your socks could use an upgrade. With the right socks, your feet can be kept comfortable, soft, odor free, and safe from fungal growth, and all it takes is finding the right socks that perfectly suit your needs.

First and foremost, you’re going to want to put blisters and excess sweat to an end, and our Pro-Tect Advantage can do just that. Built right in to the fabric of the socks, this advantage allows your socks to remain advantageous through all of the work and all of the washes you put them through. If your socks are fresh out of the pack, or a couple of months old after seeing dozens of washes, they will still wick away moisture and do their job just as they did on day 1.

With the moisture wicking properties, your feet will be kept cool and dry, which also means they will be protected from odor and fungal growth. Our Pro-Tect Advantage also comes with the advantage of copper oxide, so you have even another layer of protection between you and fungus, and you and odor. As you run, your feet will be kept healthy in a way that also keeps them safe from the discomfort and damage of fungal growth, giving you one less thing to worry about as you’re focusing on your adventure.

Style wise, running socks are also important, and you don’t have to give up style to get the right socks for your run. Socks can rise as high as you’re comfortable in your running shoes, or as low as you’re comfortable in particularly sporty or summer centric running attire, and you still get all the benefits that come along with the Pro-Tect Advantage.

When you run, you should worry about your run, and not about what your feet are going through to take you there. When it comes to running socks, you do want socks that are able to hold up to whatever you put them through, and keep your feet safe and dry each step of the way.

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