Blisters And The Risk Of Infection

Blisters are a pain, and there is no one on this earth who will contest this fact. What many think, however, is that blisters are an inevitability, and this is certainly not the case. Several factors can lead to the formation of a blister, and while they’re often thought of as something of an annoyance, but generally no big deal, this is actually pretty far from the truth. With blisters, the skin over top of the blister is often rather soft and thin, as its stretched over the bubble that the blister creates, and when this skin breaks, you could find yourself at risk for infection in a big way.

Blisters on the feet are particularly susceptible to infection, and the reason is actually quite simple when you think about it. When a blister forms and opens on the foot, the foot will be forced to walk close to an on the ground where dirt and debris is tracked regularly, thereby creating a situation where dirt will be easily accessible to the broken blister area. You may not know it, and you may not feel it, but bacteria will begin infiltrating your foot blister rather quickly.

When bacteria enters your blister, and it’s not washed away promptly and thoroughly, you’re running the risk of infection. Serious infections can all stem from a blister on the foot, and those with diabetes or other conditions affecting the immune system could find themselves in a particularly risky situation. The best way to eliminate this concern is to stop blisters from happening in the first place, and this can all begin with the choice of your socks.

With socks that have moisture wicking properties and a natural way to protect blisters, your skin can be kept strong and soft, while rubbing is kept at bay. When feet become excessively moist or damp, and they rub on shoes, blisters are the result, so dryness should be your number one sock concern. By opting for the right moisture wicking and blister combating socks, you won’t have to worry about the pain and danger that come along with blisters, and you can go about your day focusing on the important things instead!

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