What Does Athlete’s Foot Do To Your Feet?

Athlete’s foot is uncomfortable, and the reason it’s so uncomfortable is because of just what this type of fungal infection does to your feet. Wearing the wrong socks and the wrong shoes can put you in the perfect situation to find yourself suffering from athlete’s foot, and knowing just what this infection can do to your feet can be enough to show you just how important opting for the right footwear can be!

When a person is afflicted with an athlete’s foot fungal infection, the skin on their feet and in between their toes will grow red, scaly, itchy, often dry, and begin to peel. What causes this is the fungus’s ability to eat away at the skin of the feet, and in particularly severe cases, one may experience blistering and weeping or oozing of fluids as well. As the fungus is allowed to grow freely on the foot, they will find that the condition will begin to worsen, and it can even spread to others or other parts of the body when left unchecked.

Athlete’s foot can be contracted in several different ways, but the two most common are having socks and shoes without proper ventilation and picking up the fungus from someone suffering from athlete’s foot while walking barefoot. Of these two common contraction methods, the most popular is not having the right socks and shoes to provide proper ventilation, and this is something that is in your direct control if you want to limit or stop your potential for finding yourself with athlete’s foot today.

The moisture that accumulates when you wear socks that absorb moisture, rather than wick it away, creates the perfect environment for athlete’s foot fungus to grow, and it can take a shockingly short amount of time to find yourself with a case of athlete’s foot yourself. At Pro-Tect, we want to stop your athlete’s foot from occurring, and we don’t care if you’re an athlete or not!

With components like copper oxide coupled with our TransDRY technology, cases of athlete’s foot can be a thing of the past. As moisture is pleasantly wicked away from the feet, your feet will be kept clean and dry, and the fungus that comes along with athlete’s foot won’t have the right environment it requires to grow. Without athlete’s foot, the skin of your feet will be kept healthy and whole, and you won’t have to face the burning, itching, or damage that comes along with it!

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