The Winning Formula To Perfect Socks

The perfect pair of socks will take a perfectly constructed formula, and we at Pro-Tect have found just that. The formula we use to build our socks is steeped with advanced technologies approved by NASA, making them a truly out of this world option for optimal dryness, anti-fungal properties, and whole foot protection. By taking care to consider each and every aspect of the socks’ build, we have managed to cover all of the bases when it comes to foot care. 


One of the components in our Pro-Tect Advantage socks that aids in one aspect of protection is Retinolia PFA. This active ingredient lies at the heart of the Pro-Tect advantage construction in order to encourage cell renewal, allowing the skin of your feet to constantly regenerate its cells in a healthy and renewed manner. When combined with the new Nano CuTEC and TransDRY technology fibers, which have patents pending, the natural cell regeneration of the feet can occur under perfect conditions no matter what type of abuse you may put your feet through. 


Along with these is also copper oxide, a potent anti-fungal and antimicrobial Pro-Tect Advantage ingredient which aids in keeping feet healthy and growth free even during the most strenuous of wears. Built right into the yarn creating the socks, this is yet another benefit that will never wash out of the sock’s fabric, as it stays with you for the entire lifetime of your socks. 

The only way to test this winning formula was by sending it above and beyond into the great vastness of space. This was carried out a little over a year ago on July 13th, 2014, where astronauts working on the international space station were provided with Pro-Tect socks as part of their restocking supply. These astronauts approved of the highly advanced technology put into each pair, and they received their overwhelming seal of approval. 


One thing that many on the ground don’t quite appreciate about astronauts carrying out missions in space is that these are people who may not have an opportunity to change their clothes for days at a time, while encouraged to stay active every day, so the wrong socks can be a bit of a problem. When geared up with the Pro-Tect formula, astronauts found that they could carry out their work in total comfort. 


With a combination of copper oxide for antifungal properties, Retinolia PFA for cell renewal, and TransDRY and NanoCuTEC fibers, as well as the NASA testing seal of approval, this is a sock formula that can take you as far as you wish to go.

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