Why Socks Are Important To A Diabetic

Diabetes is a chronic illness that carries a lot of risks. Managing your diabetes is more than just watching your sugar and insulin intake. It effects your entire body including your feet. So just like the rest of your body, you need to make sure your feet stay strong and healthy.  

Why Is Foot Care Important?

Over time, diabetes can often cause you to lose feeling in your feet. This numbness makes it near impossible to notice when your foot is injured or in poor health. Something as simple as a pebble in your shoe could cut your foot and you would never feel it. It may not seem like a big deal, but without treatment that cut could lead to an infection that won't heal. Diabetes weakens a person's ability to mend from things like sores, blisters, cuts, and ulcers. In extreme cases, that little infection could lead to amputation of the foot itself. That is why foot care is so crucial for someone with diabetes. 

How Can A Sock Help With Diabetes? 

Diabetic socks are perfect for keeping feet warm and healthy. At Pro-Tect, our socks are made with antibacterial material to keep your feet safe from germs, fungi, and infections. You will no longer have to worry about cuts and sores because your very own sock will continue to keep bacteria and infection at bay! Our socks also work to prevent injury and ailments by reducing rubbing and allowing your foot to “breath” to reduce sweat.

Since your diabetic needs will differ from person to person, we offer a variety of diabetic socks. Some have padding and some are made without seams to prevent blisters. Another version specializes in moisture wicking to minimize sweat and avoid the risk of infections. Being diabetic shouldn't mean that your choices are limited. Our wide range of diabetic socks will allows you to find the best sock to fit your needs. 

Diabetes can give you a lot to worry about. Using diabetic socks, you can comfortably manage and prolong the health of your feet without fear.  

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