The Pro-Tect Advantage Vs Normal Socks For Hardy Wear

The best way to see firsthand just what the Pro-Tect advantage is all about is to take a look at this sock’s performance when compared to your average sock. Sure, there may be a time and place for an average sock, but there are just as many times and places that call for a sock that can go above and beyond, and this is just what these socks are able to do for you. When you plan to work particularly hard, or you’re going to be on your feet for much of the day, you’re going to need a little something extra to keep your feet clean, healthy, and odor-free. 


Sweat leads to quite a few different ailments that you want to keep far away from your feet, and regular socks don’t have the ability to do much to combat sweat. During hardy wear, your feet will sweat, and your socks have the job to keep everything cleaned up and dry, with an inability to achieve this leading to odor, athlete’s foot, and blistering. With the Pro-Tect Advantage, you have the benefit of having your feet kept dry at all times with NASA approved moisture wicking technology, an aspect that lends itself to benefitting your feet in several different ways. 

Another big problem that regular socks create is an inability to breathe, and this creates the perfect conditions for fungal growth. Athlete’s foot fungus can really do a number on the health, comfort, and skin of your feet, and your average sock won’t have much to protect you from this growth naturally. The Pro-Tect Advantage, however, includes copper oxide woven right into the fabric of each and every sock, which allows fungal growth to be fought with natural antifungal properties. Without fungal growth and the threat of athlete’s foot, you won’t need to worry about the blistering, itching, and burning that comes along with it. 


When you plan to have a day where you’re on your feet whether for work, play, a workout, or participating in a favorite sport, it’s important to see the difference between a high performance sock, like those with the Pro-Tect Advantage, and your average sock which may be of better use when you’re lounging around the house. With hardy wear, the Pro-Tect Advantage will keep your feet safe and comfortable no matter what you choose to put them through!

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