Why Copper Makes A Healthier Sock

At Pro-Tect, we take pride in the great strides we have made to create a healthier sock. One of the key ingredients to our success has been putting copper oxide into our products. Now putting copper into a sock does sound pretty strange and it certainly does not sound like it would make a sock healthier for the wearer.

Why Copper Oxide?

Copper is an element that can be found within our own bodies. In fact, copper is essential for the normal function of our nervous and immune systems. This element can be easily absorbed through the mouth or skin. Since copper is natural to our bodies, it has extremely low risks of causing adverse reactions when touching skin. In fact, copper has been shown to have wonderful antibacterial and anti-fungal properties. Copper oxide is not exactly the same as copper, but it has the same beneficial properties and can easily be spun into fabrics.


Why Put Copper Oxide Into A Sock?

Copper oxide has been found to be very beneficial to a person's health for many reasons. For example, when patients suffer from low copper levels, they have an increased risk of developing skin or foot skin pathologies. By putting copper into socks, it allows that copper to be absorbed directly into the skin of your foot and eliminate the risk of pathologies.


Copper oxide has even shown to improve the health of skin and feet by stabilizing skin proteins. This promotes healthy skin growth to keep your feet looking young and feeling fresh.

Lastly, they greatly reduce the risk of bacterial and fungal infections. With many of our feet squeezed into shoes with little ventilation, a little copper oxide in your socks can make a huge difference for the health of your feet. Due to copper oxide's antimicrobial properties, fungus and bacteria can't grow. Even infections are minimized or eliminated from your feet just by being in contact with copper oxide. Our copper oxide socks are especially helpful for diabetics who often suffer a lot of foot related health problems.

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