The Top 3 Most Important Characteristics In Diabetic Socks

It’s incredibly important for those with diabetes to find the right socks, and there are some characteristics that are more important than others when it comes to just what makes a pair of diabetic socks ideal. Those with diabetes are at risk for nerve damage that can harm just how well they feel their feet, which makes it difficult to feel if there is a problem, so it’s always best to do whatever possible to avoid these problems from occurring. The top 3 most important characteristics in a great diabetic sock are:


1. Moisture wicking – This is the most important element often cited by doctors and those with diabetes alike. Moisture wicking helps to keep the feet dry, fungal growth free, and healthy while inside or outside of a shoe, and this is the first characteristic that any person with diabetes should look for in their socks. 

2. Copper oxide – Copper oxide has natural antifungal and antibacterial properties, which is important when a person with diabetes wishes to combat fungal growth. While a person without the condition may look at an athlete’s foot infection as an annoyance or an inconvenience, it can actually be dangerous for someone with diabetes who may not be able to feel the infection or fight it off properly, so a little extra boost from copper oxide can be a huge help. 

3. The right fit – Along with moisture wicking, the right fit is probably the second most important characteristic to look for. With the right fit of sock, a person with diabetes can rest assured that they’re not putting themselves at risk for blisters or rubbing during the day, as this can lead to a dangerous situation in some instances. Much like athlete’s foot, a person with diabetic nerve damage with a blister won’t be able to feel if their blister is beginning to grow infected, so avoiding the blister altogether with a well fitting and dry sock is often the way to go. 

For those with diabetes, finding the right socks is undoubtedly important, but with these 3 characteristics, you can be on your way to healthier, drier, and more confident feet. 

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