What Is Copper Oxide And Why Do I Want It In My Socks?

Copper oxide is an interesting natural element, and it is what occurs when copper and oxygen are combined to form either a reddish brown or black powdery material. Copper oxide is a material that does not dissolve in water, and can be combined into various materials, which also make it an excellent addition to your socks. With an inability to dissolve in water, the copper oxide in your socks will stay put throughout the life of your socks, and it will bind to the fabric naturally and easily, but why would you want this element in your socks in the first place? 


While copper oxide is often used as a glaze or a pigment for things like pottery, it also has one other very important capability as well. Copper oxide is naturally antifungal and antibacterial, which means it can help to keep fungus and bacteria growth at bay. When it comes to your socks, where the perfect environment for growth is often experienced, the addition of copper oxide can help to keep this growth and subsequent infection at bay just a little bit better. Athlete’s foot fungal infections, or bacterial infections, can do a number on your feet and your skin, so they’re always best avoided whenever possible. 

Copper oxide isn’t only used as an antifungal and antibacterial element in socks, however, and it can often be found in workout clothing, used as a type of fungicide for plants, and placed on ships to protect them from being enveloped by underwater growth. What this shows is that even in different situations, copper oxide remains a hard hitting, and long lasting weapon in the fight to combat unwanted growth, and the damage that this growth can cause. 


With copper oxide in your socks, you’re given one more tool to use to keep fungal growth at bay, and this means you’re even less likely to experience the uncomfortable and sometimes dangerous infections that come along with Athlete’s foot . Because it’s built right into the fibers of our socks with the Pro-Tect Advantage, you also never have to worry about it washing away, so your level of protection stays put all throughout the life of your socks!

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