Why You Deserve The Pro-Tect Advantage

We know that you work hard and that your feet have worked hard. That is why your feet deserve only the best in sock ware! Here at Pro-Tect, we have created the Pro-Tect advantage to give your feet the comfort, support and durability you deserve in a sock while also keeping your feet feeling young and healthy. So sit back and let us tell you a few things that the Pro-Tect advantage can do for you!


Combating Bacteria With Copper

Copper oxide has wonderful health benefits to the skin including keeping fungus and bacteria away. The moisture of sweat and the darkness that comes from being inside a shoe are often the perfect ingredients for making fungus and bacteria grow. Thanks to the antibacterial and antimicrobial properties of copper oxide, your will never have to worry again about your feet becoming a garden of bacteria and fungus.


Making Blisters A Thing Of The Past

Blisters are extremely common and are never any fun. It makes us dread breaking in a new pair of shoes or having to walk through the pain when one appears. Thanks to the Pro-Tect advantage, you can make blisters a thing of the past! Our blister resistant socks are made to avoid painful rubbing and uncomfortable moisture build up. If you already have a blister, fear not! Our socks can prevent infections and bacteria so that your blister can heal with ease.


Standing The Test Of Time

Most socks can only withstand so much before losing the comfort and durability they once had. Forcing us to make a choice between wearing worn out socks or having to buy more each time it happens. Here at Pro-Tect, we know its frustrating when your socks just can't keep up with your needs. That is why we made our socks to stand the test of time! Wash them as many times as you like and they will still be just as durable and comfortable as the day you bought them.

These are just a few of the wonderful things that the Pro-Tect advantage can do for you!

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