How The Right Socks Can Get You Through A Hard Day’s Work

Whether indoors or outdoors, working up a sweat during the summer can wreak havoc on your feet. When you’re on the job, you want to place your main focus on the task at hand, and getting through your day in the most efficient and comfortable way possible, but this is something that becomes impossible when your body’s needs aren’t taken care of. What your feet need is to be kept cool and comfortable, which is something that regular socks aren’t going to offer in the way you require. 


During a hard day’s work, you may find that your socks become sweat saturated, and your feet are unable to breathe in the way they need to breathe to keep you going comfortably. With this saturation may come rubbing, leading to blisters, or the telltale itching and burning of the start of athlete’s foot. Before you know it, you could find yourself pained and your day hindered as you try to keep going when your feet are telling you to stop! 

With the right socks, however, getting through a hard day’s work isn’t so tough. The right socks will be able to wick away the moisture keeping your feet down, save you the rubbing that leads to blisters, and keep the fungal growth at bay that can lead to an athlete’s foot infection, no matter where your job may take you. You can be working outdoors in the heat of summer, your feet tucked away in thick and heavy boots, and you’ll find that your feet are just as cool and dry as you’d like them to be. 


With the Pro-Tect advantage, we like to think that we thought of everything the modern working man or woman needs when it comes to ample foot protection while on the job. Copper oxide for antifungal growth, TransDRY technology for moisture wicking, and the perfect construction for the perfect support are just some of the NASA approved technology characteristics we put into each pair of work socks we create. Built for those who work for days at a time without an opportunity to change socks, these are the pieces that will keep you protected beyond your wildest dreams no matter where you work.

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