Getting Ready For The Fall Weather

The smell of pumpkin, a slight chill in the air and beautifully colored leaves falling all around you. That's right, autumn is on its way here. After the heat of summer, your probably eager to throw on your favorite sweater and jump in a pile of leaves. Fall is truly a wonderful time of year!


However, before you get ready to hop in there, don't forget to keep warm this season. The autumn chill will bring the freezing cold eventually. So you need to make sure your ready with the right gear including the right socks. Instead of laying up this winter, why not get a sock enough that is strong enough for your needs! 


With the wonders of merino wool, you can keep the chill away! Merino is able to regulate a person's body temperature in order to hold in heat. This helps your feet stay nice and toasty even in freezing winter weather. No longer will you have to suffer from cold toes nor will you have to layer up your socks.


Sometimes winter socks can end up making your feet moist and uncomfortable when your working up a sweat or are on your feet all day. Our socks are allows your feet to 'breath' even when their snug in your boots. This is especially important during the winter when below freezing temperatures combined with sweat can cause you to become very ill. Thanks to merino wool and TransDRY technology, our socks will keep you sweat free in any season while still warming you up when you need it. 


Here at Pro-tect, we are proud to offer you the very best in sock technology. We have a variety of socks to suit your unique needs that can be worn year round and are durable enough to handle multiple washings. Don't forget to enjoy autumn with the right pair of socks this year!

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