Why Do I Need Over The Calf Socks?

Socks can have all types of benefits, all types of cuts, and all types of styles, and it’s important to know you’ve equipped yourself with the right type to suit your needs. If you wear work boots or higher cut shoes, it should be over the calf socks you’re looking towards, and there are a number of reasons why. With over the calf socks, your entire shoe area is provided protection against a myriad of different ailments, and you can rest assured you’ll be given the comfort you need throughout your entire day. 


Over The Calf Socks And Blistering 


Blistering is a big deal, and it’s one problem that often isn’t thought of until it’s too late. Blisters are irritating, painful, and sometimes dangerous when it comes to infection, and they can occur anywhere where rubbing is present. If you wear boots to work or for play, the high cut of the shoe can cause rubbing along your shin and calf, creating the ideal environment for a blister, but an over the calf sock provides just the protection you require to avoid this happening. 


Moisture And Higher Cut Socks 


Moisture wicking socks in higher cuts, like an over the calf cut, can also help to bring moisture away from your entire covered foot and calf area. One thing that really leads to blister formation and discomfort is moisture along with rubbing, so you’ll want anti-moisture wicking properties to help you along the way during your day at work or during any activity you may be participating in. With moisture wicking over the calf socks, you’re given the opportunity to keep moisture at bay no matter how much of your foot, ankle, and leg may be covered by a boot. 


Over the calf socks are something that all people should invest in, particularly if they work in an environment where higher cut boots or shoes are necessary. Not only do they protect against moisture and blistering, but they can help to keep athlete’s foot at bay while in these restrictive shoes as well, so you can rest assured your feet and legs will be kept happy on even the most difficult of days!

Even our black over the calf socks protect you from athlete's foot.

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