The Socks That Heal

At Pro-tect, we take pride in the advancements we've made in sock technology. One of the best things we have done was to put copper oxide directly into socks so that you can have a healthier sock. Our copper oxide socks have wonderful antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, but what does that mean exactly? How does copper make a healthier sock? Well sit back and we'll tell you about the socks that heal!


Keeping Bacteria At Bay!


Antibacterial products help prevent the development of bacteria. With all the things your feet step on during the day, it's important to keep them clean and healthy. However, that is not always so easy to do. You do a lot of standing, walking, and running throughout your day to day life. Shoes can sometimes worsen the health of your own feet since it keeps them in a dark and occasionally moist environment for long periods of time. With antibacterial socks, bacteria doesn't stand a chance and your feet can continue to feel young and healthy.


Stop The Spread!


Antimicrobial is not exactly the same as antibacterial. It doesn't prevent bacteria's development, but instead keeps bacteria and fungi from spreading around. If you already have a foot condition like athlete's foot, these socks will keep it from growing or getting worse. It can even keep you safe from certain viruses as well.


Improving Your Diabetic Health!


These antimicrobial and antibacterial socks are especially important to those with diabetes. This chronic condition makes their feet susceptible to infections that can lead to further health complications. In some cases, a foot infection could lead to amputation. Our diabetic socks give your feet a fighting chance against these many health risks and allows you to better manage some of your diabetic symptoms.


We are proud that our socks can keep you safe from bacteria and fungi. You only deserve the very best in sock wear and the very best is exactly what our socks offer. 

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