Socks That Can Take You The Distance

For runners, foot ailments are often thought of as simply par for the course. As you run, your feet are tasked with doing quite a bit of work, and it’s often thought of as just part of the running experience. Blisters, fungal infections, soreness, aching, odor, and discomfort are all things that most runners are quite familiar with, but many don’t realize that the right socks can help to protect you from all of them in equal. 


Low cut tab socks equipped with the Pro-Tect Advantage allow you to take control of your feet and your run at the same time. The perfect choice for runners, these socks are made to be non-intrusive to your run, comfortable for mile after mile, and even fashionable to boot, so you’ll be able to really clear your mind of all foot worries as the miles press on. Because the advantages are woven right into the fabric of the socks, they also don’t wash out, so you can rest assured that your socks are protecting you just as thoroughly throughout each running adventure you take. 


As these socks are able to wick away moisture, they protect against a variety of foot conditions based on this fact alone. Dry feet are feet less likely to develop blisters due to rubbing, they’re less likely to have an odor, and they’re less likely to harbor fungal infections like athlete’s foot, but this isn’t all the low-cut tab socks with Pro-Tect Advantage are able to offer. Equipped with woven-in copper oxide, the socks can also keep bacteria at bay, and this is the same bacteria that can really plague your ability to run comfortably. 


For runners, socks can really give you a way to go the distance without worrying about the state of your feet. With the low cut tab design, your feet can stay perfectly protected and comfortable in any pair of running shoes, so all you’ll need to focus on is going that extra mile!

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