The Foot Complications That Come With Diabetes

Living with diabetes can cause a lot of health complications including in your feet. For those with diabetes, several different foot problems can develop quickly and easily. Even problems that are pretty ordinary can lead to serious complications when you have diabetes. This often happens when nerve damage occurs and causes pain, weakness, or lack of feeling in the feet. The numbness can be especially harmful because you are unable to notice when something is wrong.


Part of why foot complications are so common for those with diabetes is due to poor circulation. This causes the blood vessels of the foot to narrow and harden which makes it harder to fight off infection. Though there are ways to improve blood flow like exercise, it can still be difficult to maintain. 


Calluses happen and build up quicker on the feet of diabetics. If you don't know what a callus is, its a thickened or hardened part of the skin that often occurs in areas that have been subjected to friction.  When enough start to form it can make it terribly painful to walk. For a diabetic, it can be even more dangerous if you try to cut or trim off calluses which can lead to infections and ulcers.


Even without calluses, ulcers can still form on the foot. Though some ulcers do not cause any pain, they are always important to take care of. An ulcer is an open wound and can easily become infected if not taken care of quickly. It is often caused by a break in the skin that is unable to heal properly.


If infection does occur, your likely to get very ill because your body is unable to fight it. However, the worst outcome of an infection is amputation. Sadly, people with diabetes are much more likely to have a foot or leg amputated than others. 


So how can you keep yourself safe from foot problems? With the right diabetic socks of course! Here at Pro-tect, we offer the best in diabetic sock wear. We know that having diabetes is no walk in the park. That is why we worked hard to make a sock that suits your needs and can help you manage some of the symptoms. Our copper oxide socks have antibacterial qualities that keep infection at bay and improves blood flow so that your feet can stay healthy. Taking care of your feet has never been easier!

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